The sun, moon, nature, everything around us follows a rhythm. When we observe any element of this nature we can see that there is an order maintained within it, from the level of the subtle atom to the gross object. This indicates that an intelligence is functioning in everything, keeping them well coordinated and balanced. Its presence is visible in the human being too, zygote develops into a baby, grows up into an adult body, shrinks in old age, and take care of the body from harmful things damaging it. Everything happens with the knowledge of this intelligence. When it identifies something as harmful that thing will be rejected by the body, regardless of food or medicine. If we carefully observe, we can understand the language of the body and find out what is actually going on. Every individual is unique, because of that the cause of a symptom need not be the same in everyone, hence treatment also need to be different.

When we look back into the previous generation we can see that the simple health problems were taken care of at home itself. Family followed the health care practices necessary to keep everyone in good condition and they passed down this knowledge to the next generation. Mother always kept an eye on the health of the family members. Individual constitution was considered while preparing food for the family. When she observes something unusual with anyone, remedies were applied without any delay.  Family knew how to treat fever, common cold and cough, digestion problems, women diseases, a few to list. Simple health issues of children and old people were also taken care of at home. Medicines used were the usual things available in the kitchen like lemon, ginger, turmeric, pepper etc and the herbs that grow in the garden. With suitable diet changes and good sleep, the sick ones recovers under the loving care of their mother. This knowledge may not be there in many families now and Mohanan Vaidyar encourages everyone to bring this knowledge back to home and stay always healthy.

Sickness indicates that there are impurities and imbalance in the system. Cleansing and balancing is the first step of the treatment. Mohanan vaidyar recommends a set of medicines for this purpose and it can be taken by sick people and also by those who have only some tiredness. He stresses that organic food and medicines without added preservatives are a prerequisite for recovering from diseases. Most of the health issues are solved with this itself. If health issues still persist then disease specific treatment is to be taken. His experience with sick people has tought him an important lesson, the sickness starts in the mind even before it appears on the body and later it manifests in the body. Hence the treatment also should start with the mind and that is important for recovery. He talks to health seekers in two places, every week. from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm.

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