Ayurveda, the science of health and well-being, originating from the land of spirituality and yoga, primarily focuses on the maintenance of health and prevention of diseases. It advises us to follow a healthy life style rather than undergoing treatments for sickness. So treatment of illness comes second in Ayurveda teachings.

Holistic in its approach, Ayurveda unfolds a treasure of knowledge before the world about the ways to ensure health from birth itself. The body is a gift from our parents and it is further developed with the food from the nature. We can either nourish it or ruin it depending on the food we consume. Awareness about the effect of individual food items on the body helps us to use them wisely. The health issues of the parents, that are already manifested or controlled from surfacing by careful living, can be passed down to the children. Also mother nature goes through major changes in a year and that too influences the body. Ayurveda talks extensively about things to be taken care of on a daily basis and in different seasons so that the strength of the body is not affected by any of these things. Knowledge of the individual constitution and following suitable practices helps us to sail through the changes in seasons and ages easily.

The human body is a very complex system and it performs fourteen actions as part of its normal functioning. Preventing the body from doing its natural urges causes diseases to be produced from within. When we fail to prevent sickness then treatment becomes necessary. Ayurveda is exceptionally good in the treatment of illness. It cures without side effects and the medicine it recommended for a particular disease, a thousand years ago, is capable of curing that disease in the present time also.

Kerala, the southern state of India, has a rich tradition in Ayurveda with many gifted Ayurveda practitioners known as Vaidyan. Ayurvedic principles have gone deep into society and the health practices are a natural way of living for the people there. The first level of health care is always available at home. Mothers are knowledgeable about the common sicknesses and their simple yet effective remedies. People approach a Vaidyan only when the sickness is serious. Even in this modern age, people who adhere to the traditional health practices live healthily compared to those who embraced the fast food lifestyle.

HomeAyur brings you the pearls of knowledge and the people of experience in Ayurveda with the intention of building a healthy and happy world.


Mohanan Vaidyar

Mohanan Nair, a simple villager from Cherthala district of  Kerala, was like any other ordinary man until he decided to help his fellow beings. A man of exceptional observation power and courage saw something that everyone else missed to see in the society, a great number of the people are falling sick and are unable to recover from their sickness. He decided to raise the awareness of the public about the reasons behind their ill health. Soon he realised that the people have difficulty in following his advises due to the lack of access to organic food. At that point he began to share the treasure he has inherited from his parents, the practical knowledge in curing the sickness with Ayurveda medicines.

Chronically ill people, abandoned and left to death by doctors, went to him as a last try to live further. He talked to them, pacified their mind and brought back hope into their life. That was the first medicine they got. The next medicine was food, he made them conscious about the importance of eating the right food for gaining health back. As a last step he showed them the herbs growing around their houses and how they can be used to detoxify the body and bring back the balance of the body. This approach did wonders to the people, many walked out of death, many recovered from chronic illness. Such people came forward and shared their experience to the world and they began to fondly address him as Mohanan Vaidyar. Driven by the intense wish to help others, Mohanan Vaidyar brought like-minded people together and started Janakeeya Nattuvaidyasala with the mantra,

‘Kitchen is your hospital.
Mother is the doctor.
Food is the medicine.’

It addresses every need of the health seekers, a dedicated team of doctors in Allopathy, Ayurveda and Sidha Vaidya orders work together with fresh medicinal herb suppliers, organic food producers and traditional Ayurveda medicine practitioners. A man of extraordinary human values repeats often that a Vaidyan should not only be skillful and knowledgeable but also financially sound that he does not use his knowledge for wealth accumulation. Mohanan Vaidyar is someone who sincerely walk his talk and guides many into well-being with a smile.


Wellbeing is a state in which the body, mind and energies are in perfect balance and the person experiences pleasantness in all levels of his existence. Anything that disturbs this harmony can weaken the system. A weak system breaks down easily either of the internal or external reasons and we call it sickness. Maintaining the balance of the system and staying healthy prevents our body and mind from becoming an obstacle on our way.


Falling sick may be not always avoidable but recovering from sickness with least damage to the system is very important. When the sickness is created from within the healing also should start from within. Understanding the cause of the sickness, taking corrective steps in our activities and using harmless medicines makes this possible.

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